Delivering your content

The final stage of the process is delivering this information to its audience in a medium that best meets their needs. In many cases today this means using standard online technologies such as XHTML and Adobe PDF.

Does it need to be printed?

Even if you have decided to deliver your content electronically, we can make it printer-friendly for those people who prefer a printed copy.

Will it look great on all browsers?

Microsoft® Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari or Chrome. Your content will always look great.

Will it run on all hardware platforms?

PC and Mac; Windows or Mac OS X; iOS or Android. We can advise on all these options.

Supported output formats

online help pc and mac internet adobe acrobat mobile iphone android

We can supply your content in a range of output formats, including:

  • Mobile
  • HTML Help
  • DotNetHelp
  • Microsoft® Word™
  • Adobe® FrameMaker®
  • Adobe® PDF
  • Microsoft® XPS
  • Flash
  • Print